Steel Basement Entrance Door

We sell several different brands of steel cellar doors for the top of basement entrances.  Most of the doors that we sell are used in combination with our precast Basement Entrance units, but we can sell them separately and offer delivery and installation if needed.  Below you will find drawings of the doors we keep on stock.

Steel Basement Entrance Door

Steel Basement Entrance Door

The Metal Door:                                             

  • Rugged 12 gage steel throughout
  • Neat, Trim appearance
  • Torsion bar door operators
  • Inside locking device
  • Automatic door catches
  • Flanged, water-resistant construction
  • A Size For Every Home

Please call for prices: 724-443-7205


Available Sizes: C, D, E, F, B, O, S & Custom

(Click Images to Enlarge for Dimensions)