Styles and Colors

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Here at Hampton Concrete Products we manufacture aluminum and iron products.   We have a weld shop and welders here in Valencia.   We have manufactured a wide variety of products in our metal shop.   Our biggest items are Stock Railing, Custom Railing and Grates.   We can also do custom fabrication to make just about anything.  

 Stock Railing

railing 1

Our stock railing, with a special added extension used in combination with our own precast concrete steps and custom railing.  

We fabricate our stock railing to fit on our own precast concrete steps.  When we pour our steps we cast anchors for our stock railing into all of our steps.   Our stock railing is made with plated feet, that can be bolted easily onto our steps.  

railing 2

Our unit steps with pipe top aluminum railing with ADA hand rail extionion and a wall mounted handrail.

railing 3

Our unit steps up to a porch with our standard aluminum railing.

 Custom Railing

We can pretty much make whatever kind of railing that you want.   Our most popular railing is our "Standard" railing.   What makes it standard is the construction.   The construction of our standard railing is a top rail made of 1/2" x 1 1/2" solid bar, with posts made of 1"x1" solid bar, a channel of 1" x 1/2" x 1/8" material, and 1/2" solid pickets that run between the top and the channel.

railing 4

railing 5

Our standard aluminum railing with a 1 1/2" x 1/4" flat bar top

 We also make this standard railing with every other 1/2" picket twisted.

railing 6 Standard aluminum railing with twisted pickets

 We offer our standard construction railing with a variety of material for the top railing.   The most economical railing is like the railing pictured above.  We also offer the standard construction with the following top rails.

 Molded Top

railing 7 Standard construction aluminum railing with molded top

Pipe Top

railing 8 Standard Aluminum Pipe-top Railing

railing 9

Standard aluminum pipe-top railing with ADA handrail extensions.

 ~~~Make it Fancy!!!~~~

There are easy ways to dress up our standard construction railing.   Simple additions such as picket castings and powder-coating can be added to your railing at an additional cost.

 Picket Casting

railing 10

Standard aluminum railing with a decorative grape picket casting.

railing 11

Standard aluminum railing with a popular casting. 

Powder - Coating

In just about any color!!! 

railing 12

railing 13

railing 14 

Aluminum flower trellis powder coated green.

railing 15

Aluminum pipe-top chunky railing powder-coated white

railing 16

Aluminum pipe-top railing powder-coated pebblestone clay. Pebblestone clay is one of the most popular colors. 

Non-Standard Railing - let your imagination go!

   Our popular "Chunky" Railing

railing 17   Recently, one of our most popular styles of railing is what we call our "Chunky" railing.   The railing above is made of a high-grade aluminum.   The posts are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" tubing.  The pickets are 1" x 1" x 1/8" tubing.   The top material is 2" x 3/8" bar.  The railing is powder-coated white.  Many people choose this sturdy aluminum railing over a flimsy vinyl railing.

railing 18Here you see another popular style of railing.    It is made with a wide, chunky top, and 2" posts.   It is powder-coated this beautiful bronze color.

railing 19

The same style of the  previous picture but powder-coated pebblestone clay, which is a standard color.

railing 20

Aluminum flower trellises powdercoated bronze.

 railing 21 Pipe-top Railing with a non-standard divider. This railing is powder coated to a beautiful bronze.

railing 22

Two bar pipe railing powder-coated black.

railing 23

Powder-coated non-standard railing with a full casting.

railing 24

Beautiful scroll posts installed into a patio

railing 25

Pipe top aluminum railing and Gate powdercoated brown.

railing 26

Plated feet installation