Concrete Unit Steps

Unit Steps meet local building codes.  Securely anchored ornamental railings are available in a wide variety of styles. Our Concrete Unit Steps are manufactured to exact measurements and are properly cured to a smooth, pearl-like finish; expertly cast with high-strength concrete. Every step has a safety tread that covers the full width of each step plus the entire deck area.

Unit Step Dimension Chart

Unit Step Dimensions & Available Sizes

  DepthDepth "A"Depth "B"Depth "C"
Number of Steps Height "D"Step Unit Only30" Deck
42" Deck60" Deck
17 1/2"13"30"42"60"
214 1/2"24"41"53"70"
321 3/4"35"52"64"81"
536 1/4"57"74"86"103"
643 1/2"68"85"97"114"
Click Here for Pricing Hampton Concrete Unit Steps All Unit Steps have specially designed anchors cast in the concrete for securely  mounting your railings.  You may order your step with Hampton Concrete's ornamental railings attached. See our railing. Unit Steps are hollow but strong! Call us today for a free estimate.  Compare prices and quality and see why since 1939 more people have chosen Unit Steps! Salt, de-icers or icemelt WILL ruin your concrete!   We recommend you clear your steps of snow and ice and sprinkle them with an anti-skid such as sand.   It really works and doesn't hurt your concrete!
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