Providing Precast Concrete Products since 1957

In the summer of 1957 our founder, Charles M. Knox, saw an opportunity to start his own business. At that time he was installing aluminum awnings for a company in Pittsburgh and noticed many properties that needed railing. Charles seized this opportunity and began manufacturing ornamental iron railing in the basement of the house he was building for his family. In 1960, with a need to further support his family, Charles purchased a small concrete patio stone business, Hampton Concrete Products. The new company was located in a building at 5361 Route 8 which included an office and showroom. Charles ultimately purchased the commercial property needed to do full-scale production for the business. With all the facilties in place, production started immediately and Hampton Concrete Products as it is today was founded.

Hampton Concrete Products, Inc Main Showroom


Our Promise

With over 60 years of excellence, Hampton Concrete Products is dedicated to provide unsurpassed service. We aim to work at a high standard which is shown through the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vendors

Many of our products and services are featured in other local companies and vice versa. Our business affiliates are important to our operation and deserve mention.

National Precast, Steelway Cellar Doors, Bilco, Specialty Precast, Superior Walls of PA, Superior Walls, Gordon, Egress, Collier, Basement Entry Systems


Company Is Founded

While working installing aluminum awnings for a company in Pittsburgh, Charles M. Knox notices many properties in desparate need of new railing. Seeing an opportunity, he founds a company manufacturing and selling ornamental iron railing. He operates his new company from his home basement.


Asset Acquisition

With the need to further support his family, Charles M. Knox acquires a small patio stone company, Hampton Concrete Products. He merges the railing and patio companies expanding into the first production facility on Peckham Farm.


First Part-Timer

The first regular part-time employee, Paul H. Fulmer, is hired.


First Full-Timer

The first regular full-time employee, John G. Loeffert, is hired.


Asset Acquisition

Unit Step Forms are purchased and added to the growing list of products provided at Hampton Concrete Products. The first step unit is poured in 1965.


Production Is Centralized

Hampton Concrete Products moves its railing production shop out of Charles M. Knox's basement.


Purchased First Crane Truck (International)

To fascilitate product installation and deliveries, the first crane truck is purchased.


Leased First Office & Showroom

Hampton Concrete Products expands into it's first retail showroom located on Route 8, officially moving the office and showroom out of Charles M. Knox's house.


Purchased First Property

Charles M. Knox purchases the company's leased building to avoid relocating due to the landlord's intent to sell.


Business Expansion

With the sale of the company's original manufacturing facility, Charles M. Knox finds an ideal property inside Butler County already zoned for precast concrete production. After acquiring the 5 acre lot, Hampton Concrete Products moves in and production on precast products begins. This acquision came together perfectly as a gift from God and a witness of God's goodness.


Purchased Second Crane Truck (Diamond Reo)

To meet the company's expanding needs, a second crane truck is purchased.


Purchased Steel Building

The company is expanded to include a manufacturing area for steel goods.


Incorporated Business

The company becomes incorporated as Hampton Concrete Products, Inc.


Purchased Batch Plant

The first batch plant is purchased to increase concrete productivity.


PermEntry Production Begins

PermEntry products are added to the growing inventory provided by Hampton Concrete Products.


Trench Production Begins

Precast Trenches are added to the ever-expanding Hampton Concrete Products inventory.


Expanded Products

After a deal between companies, Milwaukee Tools begins displaying and selling their tools from Hampton Concrete's showroom.


Aluminum Railing Production Begins

In addition to the iron ornamental railing, the company begins manufacturing and installing custom aluminum railing.


Wire Cutter and Airlift Invented

Hampton Concrete Products invents a wire cutter and air lift to aid in the production of patio stones.


Forms Purchased

Hampton Concrete Products expands it's products to include Basement Entrances and Wafflecrete after investing in forms for each product.


Charles M. Knox Retires

In March of 1988, Charles M. Knox retires as president of Hampton Concrete Products, Inc. After successfully running the business for 33 years, he went to be with the Lord in December of 1988.


Virgil L. Knox Purchases Hampton Concrete Products, Inc

After Charles M. Knox retire, he sells the business to his son, Virgil L. Knox, who took over the position of President and continues to lead the company today.


Concrete Shop Addition Built

With the expansion of the business, Hampton Concrete Products finishes construction of a concrete shop addition.


First Computer System Installed

Hampton Concrete Products' office is equipped with it's first computer system.


Office Additions

At the end of a year long construction project, the newly remodeled showroom and office opens.


Batch Plant Installed

Over the course of a year, a new batch plant is purchased, installed, and enclosed in a new building on Hampton Concrete's property.


First Website Created

With expanding technology, Hampton Concrete Products acquires their first digital presence with their first website.


Cleargress Products Developed

After seeing an opportunity to expand the market of cellar doors to include more attractive construction, Hampton Concrete Products invents the Cleargress Door. Using decades of experience, they create the only clear basement door on the market, later refining the door to optimize appearance as well as light transparency.


Website Modernization

Due to increased traffic, the website is modernized to accent the nationwide service provided with Cleargress products. Hamptonconcrete.com is modified and expanded to meet the demands of mobile devices.